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Talia, Bart and Chompy $120K Stretch Goal Unlocked!

$140K Stretch Goal Pandulu

It’s been an amazing ride so far and we’re heading into the home stretch very soon! We’ve got another stretch goal unlocked and every pledge now gets Talia unlocked to play in the Cult of Barnacle Bay board game! Along with Talia, Bart and Chompy have been unlocked and added to the High Tide Expansion as playable heroes!

$120K Stretch Goal Unlocked

Though we’re close to the end, we’re not stopping up on those stretch goals, at $130K we’ve got more item cards to add to the base game as well as unlocking Eileen the Crow Assassin as an add-on!

$130K Stretch Goal

We had a poll to determine our $140K stretch goal and from the results we have a clear winner: A new boss has appeared in the game, Pandulu! He comes with his own AI Deck along with a new scenario that will be added to the base game when the $140K stretch goal is unlocked.

$140K Stretch Goal Pandulu


Check out the update on Kickstarter to see more details and full artwork from out artist!  We’ve also got a video in the latest update from Lance at Learn to Play showing off some more aspects of the game in a scenario.

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