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Barnacle Bay Kickstarter is Making Waves!

85k Kickstarter stretch goal Bebo and Hailey Wander Hero

Now that we’ve got terrible puns out of the way, we’ve made great progress in the Kickstarter and unlocking stretch goals! We cannot thank all of you enough from the bottom of our hearts in successfully funding the Kickstarter in the first couple days. This is a dream we’ve had and been working hard on for nearly two years! Its unbelievable that we’ve received this amount of support, we cant believe it!

Since then we’ve had a strong progress of unlocking stretch goals and have been able to add two awesome mini bosses and four new hero figures! We are thrilled that one of the hero figures is Cola, from Soda Pop Miniatures! We also have Liz, Mary Fixit and King Ross to add to the Wander Guild!

Kickstarter Stretch Goals

We’ve just unlocked King Ross at our $80k level and have many more to unlock still through the Kickstarter campaign! He’s sure to put the Barnacle Bay minions in their place!

Unlocked Stretch Goal King Ross Wander Hero


The next one up is at $85k where we can unlock Bebo and Hailey!

85k Kickstarter stretch goal Bebo and Hailey Wander Hero


The fans went wild for him in his early years and the fans now want his return, so Jon the Bard veteran is back to rock your game! Jon is now available as a $90k stretch goal to unlock.

Jon the Bard Stretch Goal 90K


New Kickstarter Add-Ons

We’re excited to announce a couple of add-ons for you to add to your reward!

  • The first is a Wanderer’s Dice Pack! For just $15, you can pick up a custom set of 12 die with the Wanderer’s Guild logo instead of a critical symbol. (normally a $20 MSRP value!)
  • The next is our new Create-Your-Own-Scenario Tile Pack! For any gamer’s out there who want more tiles to create their own unique scenarios to add to the base game, this is the add-on for you! You can pick up these 9 beautiful doubled sided tiles for $25. (normally a $30 MSRP value!)

Kickstarter Addons


Cult of Barnacle Bay Kickstarter

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