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Cult of Barnacle Bay Board Game is coming to Kickstarter! The heroes of Wander have come to Barnacle Bay to fight evil. The dark Elder Bane has taken over and transformed the villagers with his powers. Panda Cult Games is proud to announce their first board game to come to Kickstarter this September. The Barnacle Bay board game is a family friendly co-op dungeon crawler miniatures board game. A challenging dungeon crawler that will certainly put your skills to the limit. Play the heroes of Wander with high quality miniatures against the transformed sea creature villagers. Be sure to back the Barnacle Bay Board Game on Kickstarter!

Cult of Barnacle Bay Board Game

Cult of Barnacle Bay Board Game Contents

The Cult of Barnacle Bay Board Game has a multitude of high quality designed pieces and boards to construct a multitude of scenarios for you and your friends to play. The Barnacle Bay Board game also comes with a campaign booklet that will provide 20+ challenging adventures!

The base Kickstarter game will come with five unique Wander heroes. The Barnacle Bay board game will contain new, veteran sculpts of the Wander heroes. In addition to the original heroes, the Kickstarter has locked rewards that will unlock potentially new heroes and items to use!

Cult of Barnacle Bay Gameplay

Barnacle Bay MiniaturesAs a dungeon crawler board game, you and your friends will defeat foes and survive random encounters. As you battle and win your encounters you will gain experience points and loot. These loot, like weapons and armor, will stay with your heroes as they adventure through the Barnacle Bay adventures. As you level up with experience points, unlock abilities and skills on a dual-facing upgrade tree. Try out various combination of skills that fits your play style, or to best fight against your current set of foes.

Using a modular game board, players assemble maps for the scenarios laid out in the Barnacle Bay campaign book. You and your friends will use action points to move or attack with your heroes using an initiative tracking board. Enemies in the game are controlled by simple line of sight AI. They will move towards the heroes and automatically hit them when able. However your heroes will be able to roll for defense to prevent incoming wounds. A set of custom dice for the Wander heroes determines their success for both defending and attacking.

Scenarios in the Barnacle Bay campaign have an interesting mechanic for your heroes to traverse. The Wander heroes will travel through the village above ground as well as enter the underground sewers to reach their goal! Furthermore, the tiles will have spaces that are covered in “darkness” by Elder Bane’s powers. These darkness spaces contain random encounters that ensure that no campaign adventure is the same.

Barnacle Bay Board Game is US, EU, and AUS friendly!

Cult of Barnacle Bay is US EU and AUS friendly

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