Cult of Barnacle Bay, Kickstarter

We’ve Hit 100K!

$100K Stretch Goal Unlocked

Wander: The Cult of Barnacle Bay Kickstarter has hit $100K and is still moving up! We couldn’t have reached this point without your help, thank you!

$100K Stretch Goal

With the $100K stretch goal we’ve unlocked ten new Event Cards to add to the base game, PLUS ten additional event cards added to the High Tide Expansion!


Upcoming Stretch Goals

We’ve got more stretch goals to unlock and we’re sure to unlock them with everyone’s support! Up at $110K is Rayna, the Dragoon! She’ll be added to all pledges as an expansion hero with the rest of the unlocked heroes!

Rayna the Dragoon $110K Stretch Goal


At $120K we’ve got a variety of rewards to unlock for the base game as well as the High Tide Expansion! If we reach the $120K stretch goal we can unlock Talia, the tree-frog Toxiphile for the base game and also unlock Chompy and Bart for the expansion!

$120K Stretch Goal


Be sure to check out the Update on Kickstarter to see the full size artwork for the new heroes and add your pledge if you haven’t! 

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