The Cult of Barnacle Bay

Wander: Cult of Barnacle Bay successfully funded on Kickstarter!

Panda Cult Games’ Wander: Cult of Barnacle Bay board game was successfully funded on Kickstarter. Late pledges have now opened, if you missed out on backing the kickstarter, be sure to pledge now and get the game at Kickstarter price with all the stretch goals and Kickstarter exclusives!

Evil lurks within the peaceful village…

Barnacle Bay was once a peaceful fishing village until the evil cult leader, Elder Bane took over the town with his followers of the deep. Elder Bane has used his dark magic to corrupt the inhabitants of the village and now the citizens are crab-armed crazed otter fisherman, tentacled bunny zealots, fish bat casters and worst of all, berserking bear sharks! 

Save the Day with the Heroes of Wander!

Five heroes from the Wander guild have come to Barnacle Bay to take out Elder Bane and save the village. Roland the Red Panda Warrior, Kira the Squirrel Thief, Tank the Turtle Guardian, Fynn the Wolf Ranger, and Ibexus the Goat Wizard. It is now up to these heroes to defeat the Elder Bane and save the town of Barnacle Bay!

A Co-Op Dungeon Crawler Board Game

Fight the evil forces of Elder Bane’s mutated villagers as one of five Wander heroes in Wander: The Cult of Barnacle Bay. Use their unique abilities and play in a co-op team of one to five players in this dungeon crawler miniatures board game and level up your heroes in over 20+ campaigns!

Defeat the dark forces and gain experience, find and loot treasure to equip special weapons and armor, and encounter events within the village that may help or hinder your journey…

Wander The Cult of Barnacle Bay Board Game

The Cult of Barnacle Bay

The town of Barnacle Bay has gone silent. Heroes of Wander have gone to investigate and find a dark and evil presence lurking within the waters there…